Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tanker for Pier 9

1. Bernora lines up for pier 9. The tug is on her port side.

2. Atlantic Oak has come alongside Bernora in the Narrows, and prepares to turn the ship to go alongside.

3. Bernora steams inbound from sea.

Pier 9 is more noted as the base of Teleglobe and its occasional cable ships, and it once was the site of the Volvo car assembly plant, and now also hosts McNally Construction's marine equipment (formerly Beaver Marine.).

However it has for many years been the site of a short pipeline connecting to a small tank farm on Barrington Street. The tank farm has passed though many owners over the years, but is presently owned by Wilson Fuel Co. The pipeline extends across the north end of the pier 9 shed, and CN's intermodal yard to the storage tanks.

Today the chemical/product tanker Bernora arrived with a parcel of fuel for Wilson's. The ship was built in 2008, and measures 8545 gross tons. Although registered in the Bahamas, it is owned and operated by the Norwegian form of Bergshav.

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