Monday, October 4, 2010

Maasdam - straighten up and fly right

1. Maasdam - most frequent caller again, but his time with a tilt.

2. Maasdam approaches Halterm where Atlantic Larch is standing by (and standing straight)

3. Maasdam sails off to sea, still leaning to one side.

Halifax's most frequent caller for the 2010 season will be Maasdam again this year. The 55,575 gross tons ship, built in 1993 and flying the flag of the Netherlands is in port almost every week.

Today there was something a little different however- a list to starboard.

It was noticeable when she was alongside and must certainly be noticeable on board, although it is only a degree or so.

Lets hope they get her ballasted properly before too long or she will acquire a reputation.

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