Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Doings at the Shipyard

There is a lot of activity at the Halifax shipyard today.

First off was the move of the floating drydock Scotiadock II from her accustomed position to pier 6. New moorings have been built at pier 6, and some small camel (floats) have been install led to keep the dock in its new position. The dock was also turned end for end by the tugs Atlantc Larch and Atlantic Oak before she was tied up.
Later today HMCS Preserver will leave the Novadock floating drydock. The supply ship is in the midst of a major refit, but will be moved to the former position of the Scotiadock according to my sources.

And finally, preparations are under way to launch Atlantic Condor tomorrow. The new supply ship will be moved into the Novadock following her launch.

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