Thursday, July 28, 2011

Super Yacht

The term SuperYacht seems to be bandied about a great deal these days, but perhaps Silver Shalis deserves the title. At 174 feet long and capable of 20 knots, it is certainly big and relatively fast-but of course not the biggest nor the fastest (that is a moving target.)

Not having been invited aboard just yet, I can't comment on the interior appointments, but there are several descriptions on the web which suggest that it is in keeping with the aspirations of the owners.

Built by Delta Yachts in Seattle in 2010, the boat is painted in what is called "duck's egg blue."The yacht is docked at Sackville Landing, with the former HMCS Sackville wearing a vaguely similar North Atlantic camouflage. It is certainly apparent that the blue colour, whatever it is, on Silver Shalis was not chosen to conceal it from view.



  1. Ah, reminds me of my model airplane days. Duck Egg Blue was certainly one of the most debated colours for WW-II British aircraft. Looking at a model I have now, I see a resemblance to the blue on the yacht.

    Daniel Little

  2. What a lovely yacht. It deserve the name Silver Shalis. The Blue paint makes this 174 ft yacht so royal and beautiful. Please share some pics of this yacht.