Monday, January 28, 2013

Highlander sails - finally AMENDED

A number of harbour watchers have been waiting patiently for Highlanders to sail. We thought we were smart to be in view of Halifax Shipyard at noon today when she was due to leave, but some problems arose which took until past 1500 to resolve. In the meantime the tug Atlantic Larch stood by, and was joined by Atlantic Oak at 1300. At last she came off the Novadock and proceeded to the lower harbour for compass adjustment before leaving for North Sydney. Instead the ship tied up at pier 27.
1. The ferry enters the lower harbour, dwarfing its tugs and the Corporal Teather C.V. returning from sea trials.

2. Once south of George's island the ship begins its compass adjust by completing a 360 degree turn. A solitary Canadian navy Sea King helicopter flies overhead.


3. Highlanders tied up at pier 27-28 on the morning of January 29. It is due to sail this afternoon, but we are waiting for confirmation.

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