Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HMCS Athabaskan - amendments

(photo used with permission)

I have made a number of changes in yesterday's post on HMCS Athabaskan  based on better information.  I don't guarantee that my information is error free, and I certainly appreciate updates, corrections and editorial suggestions. Thanks to all who have helped 
I have crossed out errors and new information is usually in bold and italicized.

I also deviated, this time only, from my normal policy of using my own photos only. My 2013 New Year's resolution is not to use anyone else's photos. So thank you everyone who has offered photos, but I will not be using them in future. If you post them on Flick'r, Shipspotting or Ships Nostalgia, I will post a link and that would be preferrable, and would avoid any copyright issues.

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