Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Highlanders - sailing now

1. Highlanders at pier 27-28 today - lights on ready to go?

Highlanders is getting underway as I write this. There were several problems that kept the ship i port beyond its expected sailing day of Saturday. That was first postponed to Sunday morning then again to Monday noon. At that point it was expected that the ship would go to anchor because all problems had not been completely resolved, but the Novadock had to be cleared to set the blocks for CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent. However at 1500 on Monday when the ship was finally ready to go it appeared that she would be heading directly to sea after her compass swing.
That was not to be, and Shipfax was asleep at the switch on that one! On completion of the compass swing the ship headed in to pier 27-28 for the night (I missed that until this morning.). Another departure was schedule for early afternoon, but that was put off until this evening,. Even that time has stretched for an hour.
Now at 2000 hrs AST the ship has been cleared to sail (again). Her ETA for North Sydney is about mid-day tomorrow.

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