Thursday, January 3, 2013

Peter Ronna- small ship, well traveled

The small general cargo ship Peter Rönna * is certainly well traveled. It was recorded in Vancouver, BC in October and its last port before Halifax was Port Royal (Kingston Harbour), Jamaica.
Its arrival in Halifax December 29 was mostly unheralded, since it was not here to load or unload cargo for any of the established container lines. It also tied up at pier 37, a berth that is little used, since it has no shoreside crane facilities, only a large shed, but the ship was also met by the Canadian Border Services Agency. Ships from Jamaica usually receive extra special attention from the CBSA.
The ship was due to sail today, but is now scheduled for tomorrow.
Built in 2002 it measures 3,194 gross tons, 4,326 deadweight and has carried the names Sveno, BBC Sweden and Sandhorn. It is registered in Gibraltar and operated by Briese Schiffs. of Leer, Germany. 

* the name is also rendered as Roenna for those without the technology to type"ö"

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