Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Provo Waliis - finally sold

The long drawn out process of selling the former CCGS Provo Wallis has finally been completed - after five tries!
Ownership was transferred earlier this month to Jason Beaulieu of Campbell River, BC. He is a co-manager, with his brother, of Pacific Cachalot Ltd, a company founded by his father Art. They own and operate a variety of watercraft including tugs, barges, and a river boat. Jason is also a noted stock car racer.
Provo Wallis was removed from service in January 2011 and renamed 2011-02. The sale process, managed by Crown Assets Distribution started with an initial call for bids late in 2011. A sale on January 4, 2012 for $406,000 fell through, as did a subsequent sale for $425,000 in February 2012. The ship was re-offered in April for a price of $350,000, and in June for $300,000, which attracted no qualified buyers, Finally in October  it was offered for a minimum $65,000 bid and a sale was announced as "in progress" on October 25 for $75,000.
Reading the fine print on CAD's website it transpires that the buyer must re-register the ship in his own name, a process which takes "approximately" 40 days.That period has elapsed, ownership has been transferred, and it is up to the new owner to remove the ship from its berth in Sidney, BC.
This once serviceable ship, which has been mouldering for two years, with certificates expired, may still have a future, but only time will tell.
A charity, associated with Youth With a Mission was also trying to raise the funds to acquire the ship for medical missionary work, but their web site has not been updated since November.

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