Wednesday, January 16, 2013

IT Interceptor finds work- so does Beaver Kay

1. IT Interrceptor shifting berths on December 11.

The cable ship IT Interceptor has been cleared to carry out emergency cable repairs and will be sailing in the morning. The ship has been standing by at pier 9 in Halifax for just such an event for the past several months.IT International Telecom Canada Inc operates the ship.
Because it is not a Canadian flagged ship (it is registered in Barbados) it had to apply for a coasting license to work in Canadian waters. The Canadian Transportation Agency made its ruling on January 14, that no Canadian ship was available, and forwarded it to the Minister of Public Safety for approval.
Interestingly the cable break is in a fibreoptic cable in the New Victoria area, at the mouth of Sydney Harbour. Could the parted towline of HMCS Athabaskan have been the cause of this break? (Just askin')

Meanwhile at the opposite end of the province McNally Construction's barge Beaver Kay has started work laying a power cable from Brier Island to Long Island on Digby Neck. The barge left Halifax in tow of Sandra Mary on December 16. They have been joined in Freeport by the tug Atlantic Spruce out of Saint John. The barge was fitted with cable laying equipment at pier 9 by IT International Telecom. They are carrying out the work, with McNally providing the tug and barge.

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