Sunday, January 6, 2013

Highlanders in Novadock

1. Highlanders in Novadock at sunrise this morning.

The Marine Atlantic ferry Highlanders arrived at Halifax Shipyard January 4 and entered the Novadock floating drydock for refit work.
The ship has only been in service since April 2011, and was drydocked in Halifax as recently as April 2012. This seems an unusually short time between drydockings, but as a "new" ship perhaps this is to be expected.
Built in 2007 as Stena Traveller, the ship was extensively modified in 2010-2011 to run between North Sydney and Port aux Basques. It was shortened by about 13m and received additional passenger accommodation.
When it was acquired, the ship was to be chartered for five years with options for renewal.

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