Saturday, January 11, 2014

A. LeBlanc launch delayed after industrial accident

Last week's snow storm delayed the launch of the latest CCGS Hero class patrol boat, originally scheduled for January 4, then moved to January 5. Once the snow removed enough to resume work earlier this week an industrial accident has caused the launch to be postponed indefinitely.
1. A. LeBlanc ready to move to the launch way.

In order to move the ship to the launch ways, it has to be pulled along a trackway, and turned on a turntable then backed down the launch way. It is moved using a systems of heavy sheaves and cable, with a big Kenworth prime mover truck pulling the cable.

As I understand it the cable parted and a worker was injured.
I am assuming a stop work order was issued until an investigation can be completed, and the so the site is secured and the launch postponed.

2. Kenworth truck used to pull the ship by means of a block and tackle system, has been left in position following the accident. Note the security van in the bacground - the only sign of activity in the yard today. 


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