Sunday, January 19, 2014

Full load for Valero

The Ultramar petroleum storage and distribution facility in Eastern Passage is much busier these days, and is now operating under the parent company name of Valero. Although their products are still marketed under the Ultramar name in eastern Canada, the parent name is becoming more widely used.
Today's arrival is a fully loaded product tanker. In a nice change from the utilitarian Korean built ships, this one was built in Croatia.

Alpine Stealth came from the Uljanik yard in Pula in 2002 and carried the names Juniper to 2007, Alpine Stealth from 2007 top 2009, Stena Stealth from 2009 to 2012 and has operated as Alpine Stealth since then.
Of typical handy tanker size, it measures 27,352 gross tons, 47,465 deadweight. Among the more distinctive features of the ship are the projecting wheelhouse and a moulding along the ship's hull right at the loaded waterline.
The ship is owned and operated by Northern Marine Management [an offshoot of the Swedish Stena companies] of Clydeside, Scotland, but is registered in the Marshal Islands. 


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