Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tanker Parade - never ending

Halifax has become a parade ground for tankers- the seemingly never ending parade continues today with two more tankers in port.

Arriving last night Mariannne Kirk is a product tanker of 29,955 grt/ 51,291 dwt and is another typical product of STX Offshore + Shipbuilding of Jinhae, South Korea. Built in 2009 as Blue Jade it was renamed in 2011. It is operated by Tome Ship Management of Singapore for Hafnia Tankers of Hellerup, Denmark.

1. Marianne Kirk has an impressive display of 12 manifolds for different cargoes and tanks. Each manifold location is marked by a symbol near the deck, just aft of midships.

A slightly different tanker anchored this morning after a trip down from the St.Lawrence River. North Contender is more of a chemical tanker, as can be seen from the variety of vents and other devices on deck. It has 18 different stainless steel tanks suitable for carrying a variety of chemicals, and a pump for each. Built in 2005 by Fukuoka Shipbuilding in Japan, it flies the Panamanian flag and runs under the Eitzen Chemical USA LLC brand. However it is owned by a company associated with Carisbrooke Shipping of Cowes, IOW, UK. It measures 11,662 grt/ 19,925 dwt.

2. and 3. North Contender has no manifold markings on the hull and has an array of vents and other equipment on deck. In addition to the usual "No Smoking" sign on the superstructure, it has an added "Dangerous Cargo".  What appears to be a containment boom around the ship is just a reflection.

Meanwhile the tanker Energy Pioneer seems to have forsaken Halifax. It arrived and anchored off Devil's Island December 29. It put to sea during the January 3 storm, but was returning toward Halifax last night, then put back to sea on a southeasterly course.

Today another tanker, Alice  arrived at anchorage off Chebucto Head, giving Halifax as a destination. It is another intermediate sized product tanker of 24,400 grt, 39,316 dwt, built in 2013.


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