Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tanker shuffle

Another tanker shuffle today saw three  tankers on the move.
Alice moved off #4 oil dock to anchor.

As soon as the tugs were free, they moved to the arriving Energy Pioneer, which was making its way slowly into port waiting for the berth.

Energy Pioneer  arrived off Halifax December 29 and has been anchored at various positions, going back and forth out to sea during storms and high winds. It was expected to go alongside #4 dock, but at the last minute, it went to anchor instead. The cold temperatures may have been a factor-frozen winches are often problem in this weather.

Built by STX Shipbuilding in Busan, South Korea, the ship is operated by Golden Energy Management and is a clone of Energy Protector which was also anchored off Halifax and in port from December 7 to 24 before going alongside at Imperial Oil December 24 and sailing December 28. Both ships measure 30,008 grt, 51,319 dwt and were built  in 2004 by the same builder.

When Energy Pioneer did not go alongside, the tanker North Contender, which has been in port since January 5, was called in from anchorage in Bedford Basin.

North Contender anchored in the lower harbour when it first arrived, but moved to Bedford Basin the next day-indicative of a longer stay in port.

Also arriving late this evening is Irving Oil's Acadian , but it is destined for #3 dock which now seems to be devoted to domestic work, while #4 dock is dealing with foreign ships.

Meanwhile #5 dock, the crude oil import dock remains unused.  


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