Saturday, January 11, 2014

Now what ... big Louis arrives

CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent is hoving into port as I write this. There have been questions about her whereabouts of late - she is late out of refit - some suggesting that she would depart Argentia for the west coast of Newfoundland when she was really needed in the Gulf and St.Lawrence River.
Now here she is in Halifax - where there is no ice in sight and air temperatures of +10C - to take fuel!. Go figure.
But not only that - just watch where she gets it- not at Imperial Oil, but at HMC Dockyard is my bet.
  Lost that bet - she went into Imperial Oil dock 3 for 0830 Sunday January 12.

  1. Louis S. St-Laurent in Novadock, 2009-05-13.

That brilliant decision to base her in Newfoundland makes less and less sense every day. When will they bring her back to her true home port of Halifax. 


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