Thursday, January 5, 2017

Acadia and Acadian, day and night

The "flagship" of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is the veteran survey ship Acadia. A veteran of two world wars and a pioneer in charting Hudson's Bay among many other achievements, the ship is now enjoying retirement at the museum wharf.

This morning while walking by I noticed that the Irving Oil tanker Acadian was anchored in an interesting juxtaposition with an orange surveyor's dory in between. I had to act quickly however - no time to carefully frame a photo- because a wall of snow soon enveloped the area and brought visibility down to near zero.

Bow in the snow, stern in the sun, Acadian awaits a turn at the Irving Oil Woodside depot.

Three minutes later it was dark as night. The Halifax Tugger works with divers and a containment boom at Queen's Wharf where the latest waterfront development is under way.

It was just a snow shower however, and in a few minutes the sun was blazing again.


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