Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bedford Basin for Shelter

The two tankers tied up at Imperial Oil today headed for Bedford Basin this evening to shelter from the latest blizzard due tonight and all day tomorrow.

STI Virtus (left, with red hull) and High Pearl (right, with black hull) were unloading refined products from Texas until late this afternoon. 

High Pearl, which arrived from Beaumont, TX in the early hours of Saturday morning (see previous post) was joined Saturday evening by STI Virtus, arriving from Houston.  

Operated by Scorpio Commercial Management of Monaco, STI Virtus is another Korean built ship, dating from 2014 when it was delivered by SPP Shipbuilding Corp of Sacheon. Of 29,735 grt and 49,9990 dwt, it is more or less typical of its type. Close inspection reveal chamfered corners on its accommodation block below the bridge, a feature that may improve wind resistance. 

Also unusual are the inscriptions on the forward face of that block. In addition to the usual "No Smoking "and "Safety First" signage, found on almost all tankers this one also has the mottoes "Conserve Energy" on the starboard side and "Preserve the Environment" on the port side.  

The incoming storm with heavy snow has predicted winds in excess of 100 kph and a storm surge, which would make it unsafe to remain alongside at Imperial Oil. The ships will likely return to their berths sometime Tuesday.


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