Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Damia Desgagnes - first dual fuel visitor

The first dual fuel ship to visit Halifax arrived Tuesday with a load of asphalt for McAsphalt Industries (Miller Paving). Damia Desgagnes  was built to burn conventional heavy fuel, MDO (Marine Diesel Oil) and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). The principal of the system is that pollution is reduced by using gas when it is available. So far only the port of Montreal has the capability to refuel LNG, but other ports are expected to sign on as more LNG ships are built.

Damia Desgagnes is the first dual fuel bitumen/asphalt tanker in the world and is the first of four to be built for the Desgagnes fleet. Asphalt tankers have higher energy use than conventional tankers, since they must keep the cargo hot, and therefore are generally bigger air pollution contributors than other types of ships.

Delivered earlier this year by Besiktas Tersane AS, in Yalova, Turkey, the ship has been operating on the St.Lawrence River and Great Lakes since May. It is also a Polar Class 7 vessel, so will be trading all winter as well. The ship measures 11,978 gross tons, 15,100 dwt.
In case I don't get out to take a picture in Halifax, the above were taken during the annual Shipfax summer break in Quebec.


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