Monday, January 4, 2021

Algonorth - again, and close up

 I was not expecting Algonorth to remain in Halifax when I made yesterday's post. However,  once the ship finished unloading last night it moved over to pier 25-26. That berth is used to unload grain, so is often selected for short term stays for repairs or for winter layups.

The ship is certainly showing signs of wear and tear from transiting the St.Lawrence and Great Lakes locks. The "lock rash" is all the evidence needed to show why the attractive Swedish paint job is impractical for working the Seaway.

It now appears that Algonorth will be staying in Halifax for a maintenance period. "Fire wires" have been deployed over side forward and aft, which will allow tugs to move the ship in case of emergency without having to rely on a ship's crew to rig lines.


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