Thursday, January 14, 2021

MSC Ornella -another first timer

 Another first time caller arrived for MSC yesterday and sailed today.

 Built in 2004 by Hanjin Heavy Industry and Construction Ltd in Busan, it is a 54,304 gt, 68,372 dwt ship with a 5050 TEU capacity. After working cargo at PSA Halifax, Pier 42 it moved early this morning to Pier 27-28 for repairs. The ship had a technical deficiency when it arrived, which was corrected, allowing the ship to sail for Montreal. 

Ships of this size are currently the largest that sail to Montreal, but due to seasonal draft restrictions they are not able to load to full capacity. Dropping off or topping up in Halifax allows the ships to sail more efficiently.

Halifax on the other had has no such restrictions (nor ice) and so can handle the largest ships currently trading to the east coast of North America, such as APL Sentosa which arrived at PSA Halifax today.

This is the second call in Halifax (see April photo above) for the 13,892 TEU ship. At 151,015 gt, 150,936 dwt it is not far off the 14,400+ TEU size of the current record holders.

Halifax still needs some more cranes to be able to handle two such ships at once, but that is unlikely to happen soon unless other lines up the size of their callers.


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