Saturday, February 6, 2021

Follow up on Giulia I

 I feel that I did not express my sympathies adequately in yesterday's post. 

To the families and crew mates of the deceased seafarer from Giulia I I do wish to express my deepest condolences. I understand that the wonderful local Filipino community in Halifax is providing what support they can to the crew and as always the Mission to Seafarers is there to assist. Also the International Transport Workers Federation is working on behalf of the crew to arrange for relief / repatriation since their employment contract(s) ended some time ago.

To free up Pier 27 for tomorrow's arrival of the heavy lift ship BBC Opal, the Giulia I moved this afternoon, with tug assistance, to Pier 9C. The ship seemed to be in good order, moving under its own power, so perhaps it will be cleared to sail as soon crew issues are resolved. As their are no international airline flights in and out of Halifax, it may take some time to bring a new crew from overseas.


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