Sunday, May 6, 2012

Knock Sheen -a comparison

The fully loaded crude oil tanker Knock Sheen arrived this afternoon. It provides an interesting contrast to the tanker Godavari Spirit that arrived in ballast last week for bunkers (see below)
1. Knock Sheen creeps in past Meagher's Beach with escort tug Atlantic Oak on a stern line. Its extreme breadth is 157 ft (48m)

2. At 898 ft (274m) long it dwarfs other boats. If fully loaded it would draw 52'-6" (16m).

Knock Sheen was built by Daewoo Heavy Industries in Koje, South Korea in 1998 as Astro Canopus. It was acquired by present owners and renamed in 2006. Knock Tankers Ltd, Oslo, Norway is one of the companies in the First Olsen Group, which includes Fred Olsen Lines, owners of the cruise ship Balmoral that visited in April. Despite its Norwegian ownrship it is registered in Singapore.
The ship is a double hulled tanker of 79,714 gross tons and 159,899 deadweight. Its dimensions are 274m x 48m x 23.2 depth, 16m draft.
This compares to Godavari Spirt, built by Hyundai Heavy Industries of Ulsan, South Korea, with dimensions of 274m x 48m x 23.1m depth, 16m draft. It is 81,074 gross, 159,106 deadweight.
Both are considered to be Suezmax types.

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