Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Container life

A typical container has a life of about 13 years, according the website of Textainers, one of the largest non-operating container owners. They own or manage some 3 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalents) that are leased to shipping lines and other container users. They count some 300 customers and their "TEX" label can be seen around the world. A publicly traded company in business since 1979, they now buy about 258,000 CEU (container equivalent units) and sell 182,000 CEU per year. About 21% of their inventory is managed for other owners, and that would include repair and servicing.

This unfortunate 40 footer will probably not qualify for repairs. It is one of several damaged earlier this winter, possibly on a ZIM ship, that have now been removed from the Halterm container terminal. Whether they were damaged at sea or on land is not known, but there did seem to be a mix of various units including at least one ZIM reefer.

 A pair of boxes on pier 37, includes one with goods still inside. One ZIM and one Triton.
Triton claims to be the largest container owner-lessor in the world with 5.5mn TEU in circulation.
Here is a closer look at the container from above left:

 Still more on the ground:

CMA CGM container on the right has been skewed, but the blue one in the background has been completely crushed.


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