Thursday, March 1, 2018

Neither Lamb nor Lion

The old adage is "in like a lamb out like a lion" for the month of March. Today's weather is sort of in between, neither here nor there, so it is not a reliable predictor.

It was a bit blustery, with a some chop in the harbor, but very mild temperatures, as Spuigracht arrived for Fairview Cove. The 16,639 grt, 21,349 dwt ship, built in 2001 is in Spliethoff's regular cargo run. Halifax is the "winter" port for the service, but once the St.Lawrence Seaway opens before the end of the month it will shift to Cleveland, OH (and other St.Lawrence and Great Lakes ports).

The ferry Woodside I scurries across the harbor toward Woodside giving Spuigracht lots of room.

Contrary to my previous post on the subject of harbor ferries, Woodside I, built in 1986,  is also due for replacement this year. The new ferry Rita Joe is under construction now at A+F Thériault in Meteghan River.


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