Monday, July 30, 2018

Enjoying the Moon

The brief overnight bunker stop of the bulk carrier Cielo di Gaspesie was worth taking at chance at a night shot. A beautiful calm evening, with the pilot boat standing by to take off the pilot. Until I had the photo downloaded, I was not aware that the stern of the ship was still moving a bit.

The ship was built by Hyundai Mipo in Ulsan in 2012 and is 23,790 grt, 37,064 dwt ship equipped with four 35 tonne cranes and four 10 cubic meter grabs. With large hatches and "benched" box shaped holds, it has few distinguishing characteristics from scores of other bulkers, aside from its name.
It was originally called Cielo di Viano by owners d'Amico Dry Bulk of Italy. On the strength of a contract with McInnes Cement it was renamed in March of this year, to recognize the source of its cement cargo, at Port Daniel, on the south cost of the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec.

"Cielo" and its variations are found in several Romance languages - meaning "heaven" in Spanish, but the more prosaic "sky"in Italian. "Gaspésie" describes the whole Gaspé region of Quebec, and the English work "Gaspesia" was once in common use, but is rarely heard nowadays.

The ship will be heading south from here, no destinaiton given yet, but interestingly while off Halifax it passed the  NACC Alicudi. That ship is operated by NovaAlgoma Cement Carriers and is heading for Port Daniel to load after delivering a cargo to.


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