Sunday, November 13, 2011

Algobay sailed in ballast after completion of repairs

After unloading its grain cargo Algobay remained in port for completion of repairs. There was a plate fracture up forward under some rubbing strakes - a particularly sensitive area for a ship that frequents the St.Lawrence Seaway locks. As ships approach the locks, they have as little as 1 foot clearance on each side, and cannot "drive straight in."Instead they come up along the approach wall, place the shoulder of the ship (where the hull straightens out from the bow) against the approach wall, and slide along into the lock.

The shoulder area receives considerable wear and tear over the course of a season, but is usually well reinforced.

With the work completed, despite terrible weather on November 11, the ship sailed November 12.


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  1. As one of the men working in the terrible weather to complete this repair. The job went well and it was a pleasure working for a great Captain and crew to complete the project and get the vessel underway.

    Nice Pic
    Shawn Murphy KMS Marine