Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sichem Beijing - in and out

1. Sichem Beijing taking bunkers from Algoma Dartmouth this morning. Note HMCS Halifax and HMCS Iroquois in the background. Note also the unusual black steel tubular frame on the stern of the tanker.

The chemical tanker Sichem Beijing arrived, took bunkers, then went to anchor in the outer anchorages. It is unusual for a ship to do this - usually once they enter the port they stay here, since it costs money for pilotage to leave again. However since outside anchorage is free (there are port fees for inside anchorage) perhaps the owners are expecting a long stay, and will still save some money. (The name Sichem is an abbreviation of SIngapore CHEMical)
The ship is registered in Singapore and measures 8,851 gross tons, 13,068 deadweight.

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