Sunday, July 17, 2022

MSC Maeva

 Another first time caller arrived today July 17 on MSC's Indus 2 service from North India via the Med and Sines, Portugal.

Hanjin Heavy Industry + Construction in Busan, South Korea built the MSC Maeva in 2005. The 89,954 gt, 105,007 dwt ship is rated at 8089 TEU including 550 reefers. It anchored first so that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency could examine the ship for LDA moth larva. It was apparently given clearance to berth and it moved in to Pier 42 in the late morning.

Due to the sun angle to best view was from the Dartmouth side of the harbour (above, with PSA Halifax Atlantic Hub terminal the background). Seen from the Halifax side, the ship was in shadow.


MSC must be finding lots of cargo out of India because the ship was well down on its marks, showing a draft of 14.5 meters (47.57 ft) on AIS.


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