Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Mysteries - partly solved

 The arrival (June 29) and departure (July 4) of the ship River Mas remains only a partial mystery. As previously reported the ship unloaded some huge shrink wrapped fabrications (not boats!) and fifty or so containers at Pier 9C.


When unloading seemed complete, the ship reloaded all the cargo- using its own cranes.

 It may be that the cargo had to be re-stowed for stablity, or possibly for logistics and ease of unloading at its destination port, which turns out to be Gaspé. Fortunately Shipfax has antennae in Gaspé and reliable sources there have filled in some of the blanks.

The large fabrications are moulds for the construction of wind turbine blades. And the containers are carrying equipment and machinery for the (General Electric subsidiary) LM Wind Power Canada Inc factory. The moulds and machinery will be used to form a new line of colossal 103m blades.The factory already produces smaller blades.

 It is still not completely clear as to why the cargo had to be unloaded and reloaded in Halifax.

 On sailing at dusk last evening (July 4) the ship looked quite neatly squared away.

Another ship that was in Halifax June 29, Nomadic Milde, also went to Gaspé where it is loading 45 smaller size wind turbine blades.

Nomadic Milde at anchor in Halifax June 29.


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