Monday, February 7, 2011

Leif Ericson's major refit

1. Leif Ericson resides in a snowy Novadock 2011-02-05

Work continues on Leif Ericson in the Novadock at Halifax Shipyard. Last year the Minister of Transport announced a $12mn refit on the ship which would be carried out over a period of a year. Some of that work is allocated to Halifax Shipyard.

A complete topside and hull repainting is underway, and there is work on the bow loading ramp. However most of the work is within and cannot be seen.

Marine Atlantic is able to get along without the services of the ship as the first of its new vessels Blue Puttees is about to enter service.

When Leif Ericson's refit is complete it will return to the North Sydney/ Port aux Basques route as a truck only carrier. It will not normally carry passengers other than truck drivers.

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