Monday, June 20, 2011

AFL standing by

1. OOCL Kaohsiung sails from Ceres on Sunday with AFL New England anchored in the background.

2. Paris Express ditto.

The new American Feeder Lines service to Boston and Portland was originally expected to get underway by late May, but the service has not moved a container yet.

A big inaugural party was held in Portland, with officials from Halifax and many US folks in attendance, and the start-up date given at that time was May 28. Information published by AFL states a Q2 (second quarter of the year) start.

The ship AFL New England arrived in Halifax last Tuesday, but is still anchored in Bedford Basin.

The published schedule for the line shows the ship picking up containers at Ceres on Wednesday/Thursday and Halterm on Friday/Saturday, but nothing happened this weekend.

Maybe this week?


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