Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Halifax Herring Season Winds Down

For a few weeks each spring the mobile herring seiner fleet makes Halifax its headquarters while boats follow the migrating herring population. The boats fish at night and land their catches in the morning in Halifax. The herring are pumped into waiting trucks, which then take the fish to processing plants in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
As the herring move farther from Halifax, the boats land the catch in other ports closer to the fishing grounds.
The herring boats are an interesting contrast at the docks, and a reminder that at one time the same waterfront was lined with fish plants processing plants, contributing to the economy (and aroma) of the Halifax waterfront.
1. Island Pride No.1 arrives on a foggy morning at pier 24.

2. Silver Harvester I - the only wooden hulled seiner to visit this year- contrasts with the cruise ship Silver Whisper on a gloomy day.

3. Tasha Marie has unloaded and is moving to another dock, accompanied by the usual squadron of gulls.

4. Margaret Elizabeth No.1 made only one call in Halifax this year, and took on quite a list as she unloaded.

5. Morning Star ties up amidst the harbour cruise fleet at Queen's Wharf.

6. Dual Venture arrives at pier 24 with the welcoming party in attendance.

7. Leroy and Barry II ties up at the end of the Maritime Museum pier.

8. Lady Melissa is the biggest boat in the fleet again this year.


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