Thursday, June 23, 2011

Visit 7 of 20 for Maasdam

1. Maasdam passes Meagher's Beach on her way in.

2. Past "the Beach" the ship creates some ripples on a windless day.

By my count this is the seventh visit this season for Maasdam. The 55,575 gross tons ship, built in 1993 has been the most frequent visitor each year for several years, with this moderately sized cruise ship. It is schedule to make a total of twenty calls before the end of the cruise season.

Good weather has beeen at a bit of a premium this year, so its arrival on glass calm seas today with brilliant sun, was worth noting.

Operators Holland America Line go way back with Halifax to the days of passenger liners and immigrant ships, but HAL is now part of the Carnival conglomerate.

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