Friday, June 24, 2011

AFL still looking for cargo?

1. AFL New England arriving June 14.

The feeder ship AFL New England arrived June 14 and has been sitting at anchor ever since. This morning the ship moved in to pier 25-26, but not to load cargo. That pier is usually used by ships to make repars, take on fresh water, or to lay up for engine repairs.

For the second week in a row, apparently no cargo has been on offer for the Boston/Portland area. The scheduled load day for Ceres, Wednesday/Thursday, has come and gone. The load day for Halterm is Friday/Saturday, so will there be cargo there?

One has to wonder how long a service can hold out until cargo arrives. Also there has apparently been no outbound cargo from Boston or Portland.

Interestingly, the owners have made no public announcements, and their web site is silent on any news.

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  1. AFL New England is British registered and owned by German outfit Reederei Rass who is better known for Europe / North Sea / Baltic feeder ships. A random factoid is that this vessel also takes passengers - the way the price of flights are going this means of travel is starting to become economic for us Brits with all our green taxes 'n' all. Perhaps they'd do better with a couple of hundred of these accomodation containers seen on oil rigs - full of paying cargo!

    Rass' website is here (in German):