Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cadillac - new boat in Sambro

Newly registered on January 31, the Cadillac will be fishing out of Sambro, NS at the mouth of Halifax Harbour. The Boat measures 48.75' x 19.75' and was built by Bruce M. Atkinson of Clark's Harbour, NS.

In 1905 Ephraim Atkinson is credited with building the first Cape Island type boat, and in the intervening years, the Cape Island type has become standard for inshore fishing, but many ventire farther out. This boat appears to be from the new 45' x 20' mold developed by Atkinson for working offshore, and the boat is rigged for longlining. It is hull number 99 for Bruce M. Atkinson, but there were many hundreds built before the numbering system started.

The Cadillac is operated by Morgan Fisheries Ltd of Sambro.


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