Thursday, February 16, 2012

Halifax Shipyard - signs of expansion

1. Belle. D and 5 section scow off pier 6 & 7 at Halifax Shipyard on Monday, February 9.

With the signing of the umbrella agreement with the Federal government this week the way ahead seems to be clear for Halifax Shipyard on the construction of the combatant ships.

Since well before the award of the contract the shipyard has been showing a sketch of the yard's facilities on its website. It is a little thin on details at the north end of the yard, but it does indicate a warehouse (which doesn't actually exist - yet) and the pier 6 and pier 7 areas used as a fitting out area.

A prior sketch, which seems to have disappeared from the web site did actually show a "side launch" area at pier 6 & 7.

This week the tug Belle. D has been handling a sectional scow with a core drilling rig just off pier 6 & 7. This is usually the first sign of new construction. Construction could still be a long way off, but at it is good to see something happening.

Belle. D is owned by Atlantic Towing Ltd, but operated by RMI Marine and is a general workboat used on a variety of projects around the harbour. Most recently it was working on the oil rig refit.

The drilling is under the supervision of Boart Longyear.


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