Friday, February 3, 2012

Seapike [revised]

The oil products tanker Seapike arrived this afternoon and went to anchor. The ship has a cargo for Woodward's Oil to be delivered to Lewisporte, NL, from Philadelphia. However the ship is in Halifax to take on additive for the cargo. This will be done at anchor, apparently from barrels, brought out to the ship on a barge.

The 28,449 gross ton/ 43,550 deadweight tonne ship is owned by German Tanker Shipping GmbH of Bremen and flies the German flag.

It is a frequent caller at east coast ports, and has made several trips to the St.Lawrence River since it was built in 2009.


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  1. Was on SEAMARLIN downbound today, they are truly beautiful ships, everything is first class, becker rudder, 1200HP thruster, 15,5 knots. Beautiful German (Lindenau) construction like we see too few today.