Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hellespont Challenger

1. Hellespont Challenger in bound to met by Atlantic Larch.

2. The ship's glowing white paint is set off by blue diagonal hull stripes, and traditional funnel mark.

3. On the bow is the monogram of the company's founder Phrixos Basil Papachristidis (in Greek characters, Phi Beta Pi) who got his start in shipping in Canada.

The chemical tanker Hellespont Challenger put in this afternoon en route Rio Haina to Les Escoumins (and the St.Lawrence River). It tied up at pier 27 indicating that it was here for repairs or other reasons than to work cargo.The ship is one of the distinctive white fleet of Hellespont Shipping (Papachristidis) now a Greek and German company, but with Canadian roots. I have written about them before, so will not repeat myself, other than to say they have the the best shipping company website.

See for a tremendous amount of information about the company, its current fleet and its all time historic fleet. Every ship they have owned is pictured (with one error that I noted. Can you spot it?*)

You will also learn why the ships are painted white!

Hellespont Challenger is one of eight identical sister ships built between 2009 and 2011, measuring 16,866 deadweight tons. It works as part of the Navig8 pool.


* I will answer this quiz question in a few days.

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  1. Error I found on the Hellespont website is tanker FIONA M listed as canadian flagged, could not find that anywhere.