Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HMCS Athabaskan to the Lakes, HMCS Halifax in Halifax

1. This 1994 photo shows Athabaskan on the synchrolift at HMC Dockyard.

2. Halifax is alongside Halifax Shipyard for FELEX. The sign on the Machine Shop in the background seems to advertise the ship's name.

HMCS Athabaskan will be going to the Great Lakes for its refit next summer. It was announced that Seaway Marine and Industrial, operators of the Port Weller Dry Dock has received the contract for the Tribal's refit. The refit will extend the ship's life five more years until a Halifax class frigate is upgraded to destroyer status.

Having the work done elsewhere is hardly surprising, given that Halifax Shipyard is full out with the FELEX refits of the Halifax class ships with the first one to be completed this year, and the remaining east coast units by 2017. Not to mention completion of the Hero ships and planning for the new frigate program.

HMCS Halifax is the first of the ships to undergo the Frigate Life Extension program (FELEX) which involves replacement of upgrades to most of the ships' systems.

At this point Halifax is alongside with its wheelhouse tarped in and fleet mate xxxxxxx [sorry Fredericton - thanks for the correction] is in the graving dock.



  1. HMCS Fredericton is in the graving dock.

  2. The two frigates in the Halifax Shipyard are HMCS Halifax and HMCS Fredericton (not HMCS Toronto).

  3. The refit will keep the destroyers operational until the Canadian Surface Combatant starts to come on line at the end of the decade. Also, the FELEX program is good, but won't upgrade the Halifax class to destroyers.

  4. i wonder if any of you have 2012 photos of Hmcs Halifax. As of February 9th, she should be already equipped with her APAR

  5. That is a 2012 photo of Halifax. It was taken on February 4.