Friday, February 24, 2012

USCG Tahoma

1. USCG Tahoma's profile is dominated by its helicopter deck. A telescoping hangar cna be extended out to cover about half the flight deck.

The Famous class medium endurance US Coast Guard cutter Tahoma arrived in Halifax for a weekend stopover. (It will sail February 27 all things being equal.)

It is one of thirteen cutters of its class, all named for previous USCG vessels.

The second Tahoma also visited Halifax when it was assigned to convoy escort duty during World War II.
This one carries the pennant number WMEC 908 (W signifies USCG, MEC= medium endurance cutter) and based in Kittery ME/Portsmouth NH. These vessels are noted (according to Jane's Fighting Ships) as being "lively" in rough weather due to their short beam to length ratio. As stormy conditions will prevail over the next day or so, Halifax is not a bad place to be, while still close to its normal patrol area.

The USCG has also provided ships for the International Ice Patrol, established by the USCG following the sinking of the Titanic. Most of the patrol work is now done by aircraft.


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