Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hoegh Masan - "new" visitor to Autoport

A different name to add to the list of ships visiting Autoport is Hoegh Masan. It arrived and sailed today after unloading Ford Transit mini-trucks and loading North American vehicles for export.
The ship was built in 1998 as Maersk Teal (and I am certain it called here under that name). It was renamed Hoegh Maran in 2008 but carried the name CSAV Rio Salado for a time in 2011-2012.(and may have called here under that name too.)
A few export autos are lined up on the ship's stern ramp at Autoport. The ship loads and unloads at the same time.

Although owned by Hoegh Autoliners of Singapore (a branch of the Leif Hoegh company of Oslo) it is managed by Maersk's Singapore operation (Maersk is Danish.) 

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  1. She did call in june last year as CSAV Rio Salado.