Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oops - landing craft sinks in Dartmouth

The small landing craft belonging to Larinda Ltd sank in Dartmouth recently. It's bow has enough trapped air in it that the boat is not completely submerged, but most of it is under water.

I don't know the boat's history, because it is registered as a small craft, with registration number C11040QC, which tells me only that it was built by E.S.M. Quebec Ltd and it measures 13.25 gross tons. I suspect that it was built for the Canadian Coast Guard, and assigned to one of its ships for supply/buoy maintenance work and declared surplus by them in 2010. It has been anchored at the same spot in Dartmouth since last year and I have never seen it working.
At the moment is seems to be tethered to the small tug Carly J and well secured and boomed with absorbent material, so it likely poses no risk.
This is just as well since Larinda Ltd and its associated company are very busy now with removing international garbage from cruise ships. One of their barges was moored nearby this morning waiting to unload.

This is what the boat looked like before its recent dive:
If I were to speculate I would say that recent heavy rains may have been a factor in it sinking.

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  1. fascinating ... what happens to the garbage from the cruise ships ?