Monday, May 6, 2013

HMCS Windsor -carrying on, and RCN too

Canada's east coast submarine HMCS Windsor is exercising around Halifax, due to a restriction on activities.  It has been reported that the sub is confined to Canadian coastal waters due to a faulty generator. One of the boat's two generators has packed it in and must be removed and replaced. The restriction means that Windsor cannot participate in exercises in the south.
Windsor arrived this morning for a PAX transfer and sailed, just as the two cruise ships were arriving.  It returned later this afternoon, for another PAX transfer, then proceeded up west of George's Island to Bedford Basin.
And from correspondents:

  •  Canada's west coast sub HMCS Victoria caused some excitement last week when it had to evacuate someone by CCGS lifeboat off Powell River. A SAR helicopter also responded. It has a hull dent acquired before joining the RCN, and is not able to fire torpedoes. Sorry - she can and does fire torpedoes. Contributed photo
  •  The little RCN fleet visiting the UK has generated a lot of interest, particularly HMCS Preserver, with photos posted on numerous sites, and this video on You Tube:  She is sailing in company with HMCS St.John's and HMCS Iroquois.

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