Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kaspar Schulte - small load of crude

Designated a product tanker, Kaspar Schulte was pressed into service to carry a small batch of crude oil on a special trip from Whiffen Head, NL. It loaded 50,000 tonnes under a coasting license for Exxon Mobil, as no Canadian flag tanker was available.
Its arrival was planned for 0030 hrs this morning, but that was delayed due to conditions off Halifax, following a period of very high winds over the last few days. Arrival at the outer pilot station was then rescheduled for 1145 hrs after the pilot boat made an exploratory trip to judge the sea state.

Built in 2004, by Samsung in Koje, South Korea, the ship is small for a crude tanker at 41,503 gross tons and 72,718 deadweight tonnes, but relatively large for a product tanker. Now flagged in Liberia, the ship had previously flown the flags of Germany and Cypress. It is operated by a branch of the Schulte Group of Hamburg. They are the same group that owned the container ship Reanate Schulte memorialized on these pages as few days ago. above

The ship was handled just lie a large crude carrier, with an escort tug all the way from Chebucto Head and two more tugs for berthing.

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