Friday, May 3, 2013

Kang Fu - making smoke

The Hong Kong Chinese bulk carrier Kang Fu arrived this morning for a straight forward CFIA Asian gypsy moth inspection. However its noon time sailing was cancelled due to issues in the engine room. The main issue was clouds of acrid white smoke wafting over downtown thanks to a stiff southerly breeze.
Built in 2002 the 28,613 gross tons, 51,069 deadweight tonne ship is operated by Cosco Hong Kong Shipping Co Ltd, a branch of the China Ocean Shipping Company. Nevertheless the ship was built by Oshima Shipbuilding in Oshima, Japan.It is notable for its relatively low freeboard compared to other ships. It carries four 30 tonne cranes, with grab buckets stowed on deck.
 By evening things had calmed down a bit in the engine department.
The ship's main engine is a B&W built under license by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

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