Monday, May 13, 2013

Ocean Odssey

The seismic research vessel Ocean Odyssey arrived at pier 27 this morning. Built on conventional supply vessel lines, it has an enclosed after deck and helicopter platform.
Owned by Remoy Shipping of Fossnavaag, Norway it is registered with the Norwegian International Register.
As with many European vessels, the hull was built in one location and the ship was finished in another. In this case the hull was built at the Aker Tuclea Shipyard in Romania, and completed at the Soviknes Werft AS in Sovik, Norway. The cost saving is apparently worth it, even including the cost of towing the ship all the way round from the Black Sea through the Mediterranean to Norway.
Dating from 2005, the ship measures 3658 gross tons.
The ship has been operating under charter to Western Geco, since built.


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