Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pier 6 the next stage

Reconfiguration of Halifax Shipyards is moving right along. Now that work has been completed on the removal of pier 6 deck structure  and the dredging has been largely completed, all the soil cleaning equipment and debris have been removed from the site.

Also the old Burning Shop, the northernmost building, has been gutted ready for demolition, and work has started on a workers' parking garage at the south end of the site.
It will soon be time to start work on the the new pier face cribs, and an ad in Saturday May 18's paper hints at the likely contractor. Dexter Construction the heavy civil part of the Municipal Group is hiring marine and construction personnel including those with slipform experience.
Interestingly (see Tugfax) McNally Construction, the company that built the slip formed cribs for pier 9c have demobilised from Halifax and have towed away most of their gear, so it certainly won't be them. They were keeping the gear here in case they got the shipyard job. Dexter has little if any floating plant of their own, so they will have to rent or find the scows and tugs for the work.
Dexter built a good portion of the new cradle at Irving's Shelburne Marine Shipyard, and in that job hired gear from Dominion Diving.
 There have been many changes at Halifax Shipyard over the years, but little changed form the time the new pier 6 was built in the 1960s until Irving Shipbuilding took over. The photo above shows what it looked like before 1960. Note that pier 9 had not been built by them either. I won't begin to comment on water pollution back then. Compare to the top photo in this post.!

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