Thursday, September 12, 2013

Corporal McLaren MMV scheduled for launch on Saturday

The latest Hero class patrol boat for the Canadian Coast Guard is scheduled for launch at Halifax Shipyard at on Saturday, September 14. The pilot is ordered for 1330 hrs ADT, but the actual launch may be some time after  that. Based on previous launches, that may be up to an hour or more after the pilot order. So Far the launches have been carried out without ceremony. Instead there is usually a commissioning and naming at the boat's operational port once it has entered service.

1. Corporal McLaren MMV on September 7.

Corporal McLaren MMV is the sixth boat in the series. Meanwhile the fifth boat, G.Peddle S.C. is still alongside the fitting out berth at pier 9C. Both G.Peddle and Corporal McLaren will be based in Halifax when they are completed.

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