Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Onego Trader - number two

The Onego Trader arrived this morning from Helsingborg, Sweden with a load of rails. This is the second ship to bear the name to call in Halifax for Onego Shipping + Chartering.

1. The present Onego Trader just tying up at pier 27 this morning.

Built in 2001 by Bodewes Volharding of Foxhol, Netherlands, it is a general cargo ship of 6301 gross tons and 8930 deadweight. Fitted with a pair of 40 tonne high mount cranes, pontoon type hatch covers and moveable decks, its two box shaped holds and double skin allow for excellent stowage of break bulk. A ventilation system of six air changes per hour protects moisture sensitive cargoes.
The ship was built as Devi Lakshmi presumably for a charter, and in 2008 became Harns, taking its present name in 2010 for owners Harns CV, with managers Kustvaart Harlingen, BV of the Netherlands, it flies the Dutch flag.
Onego Shipping + Chartering is a Dutch/Russian company that has a fleet of similar chartered ships. This one is operated from the Rotterdam office, which deals with North Atlantic cargoes. There is also an office in Houston and one in St.Petersburg ( the Russian one). See:

A previous Onego Trader was also a caller in Halifax between 2005 and 2008 also with rails for CN. Its last call in Halifax was February 1, 2008 when it berthed briefly at pier 27 to disembark a crew member with appendicitis. It sailed immediately to resume its trip to Ardalstangen, Norway with petcoke. Its hull was built in 2003 by Zaliv Shipyard in Kerch, Russia, and the ship was completed by Bodewes, Hoogezand, as Velserdiep- a name it resumed in 2010 when its charter with Onego ended. At 4057 gross tons, 7250 deadweight it was a somewhat smaller ship, with similar specifications. It now works for Feederlines BV. See:

2. The first Onego Trader arriving with a cargo of rails from Poland, May 24, 2005.


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